Privacy policy

Data collected by Giftshop JCIWC 2019 is protected and accessible only to authorized persons.
The controller of personal data in Giftshop JCIWC 2019 is:

Kinkston OÜ (10947930) 
Ravila 3a, Tallinn, Estonia.
+372 698 9100

We do not collect or process any sensitive personal information as defined in the European Parliament Regulation (GDPR or EU Regulation 2016/679), but treat any information that comes with Giftshop's website visit as confidential information, in which we take every precaution (including administrative, technical and physical measures).

The general rules of this Privacy Policy do not apply to the legal entities. They do not apply to the processing of data by other companies or authorities, nor do they include the processing of personal data on the websites / service platforms to which we refer on our website (external links). The person representing the company (the sender of the request or the subscriber to the service) is not a private person but an authorized representative of a company whose processing of personal data is not regulated by the General Data Protection Regulation.

Non-personalized specifications

In JCIWC 2019 Giftshop we mostly collect non-personally identifiable technical information about the visitor, limited to the device (computer, tablet or smartphone) used for the visit and the Internet address (IP address) of the device, the browser and operating system software used, the time (time, date, year). This information we collect is not associated with personally identifiable information.

Personalized data, collection, processing and storage of personal data

To contact us, buying products from us or send inquiries, each user of the website may also voluntarily provide us personalized information (like his or her name, email address and mobile number), as well as the company information that is represented. This personal data are processed for the purpose of executing the contract with the client.
By entering data in the database, you give us the right to process your data (name and email address or phone number) for service and marketing purposes. By this permission for data collection and processing user gives also right to transfer data to third parties for processing if necessary for customer service and communication reasons, including using it in social media and for internet marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Smaily, Google). You have the right to request the deletion of your data at any time and to opt out of receiving notifications and offers.

The personal information we collect and store is:
- name, phone number and email address;
- bank account number;
- cost of goods and services and payment related information (purchase history);
- customer support information.

The purchase history is retained for three years, the personal data necessary for accounting purposes is retained for seven years.

The controller of personal data in Giftshop JCIWC 2019 is Kinkston OÜ, also our company transmits the personal data necessary for making payments to the authorized data processor Maksekeskus AS.

If you are dissatisfied with the way a our employee processes your personal information, and contacting a client manager or marketing specialist directly or unsubscribing has failed, you may file a complaint in writing to or

Please feel free to contact us at the same address with any questions or concerns you may have about your privacy policy or data processing.